Saturday, 2 July 2011

On ... Fatal Revenant by Stephen R Donaldson
Where once the depth and richness imbued by his 'clever words' added mystery and excitement, now I read over them as if they're not there. I also prefer Thomas to Linden and find myself getting rather sick of her self-pitying whine. "Just get on with it, woman!" I hear myself thinking, usually when I'm skipping the latest short but random assortment of unpronounceable letters. (I've been putting together Seven Words of my own.)

I always feel the time travelling thread is a cop-out and dislike it in science fiction too. In this case, if you want to go back in time just go back and stop worrying about justifying it or have your characters worrying about breaking the laws of causality - you just sent them back in time for goodness sake, too late to be careful now! Sorry, the latent theurgy obnubilated within my information processing system is uncontrollably effusing.

Will I read the 3rd one? Yes. But only after what happened on the last page. Up until then I might not have bothered.

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