Monday, 6 June 2011

1. Scan all parts of 10+ year old hand drawn A3 Hops Castle map into Paint Shop Pro 5 and Shift+S to shrink. Copy and align the pieces back together, magic wand and del the unwanted bits. Print.

2. Improvise a light box with a cleaned sheet of plastic taken from an old picture frame raised off a desk equally on both sides by some cherished Alistair Macleans to a sufficient height to allow an IKEA desk lamp to slide easily beneath. Turn lamp on. Trace.

3. De-paperclip and scan unblemished black Artline FINE 0.4 map, Ctrl+A onto copy of “possum paper” as new map layer, reduce opacity to 40%. Add map’s key layer; 60%. Add title layer; opaque. Voila. BW1 DN eBook cover done...

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